Boxer Paws Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Pittie Paws Rescue operates under Boxer Paws Rescue.  We operate off of donations, volunteers and our love for Boxers and Pitties.  

We can always use help!

  • Foster homes are always in great need. This is also an amazing way to find the dog just right for your home.  Provide love, shelter and food for your foster just until they find their forever home - or maybe, that's your home!

  • Adoptive families are so special.  Adopting a dog or puppy from a rescue saves a life!

  • Transport team members are volunteering their time and vehicle to help move dogs.  From shelters, to other rescues, to owner surrenders and forever homes - these pups need a lift!

Sponsor a dog


Send a donation to directly sponsor a dog's care, medical needs and food.